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Italian Lavazza coffee is introduced first time in manang at hotel can have this 100%arabica coffee in different flavour like de-caffeinato,intenso,dolce , delicate. Also you can have fresh pure nepali organic ground coffee at our bakery café updated from Binod dai.

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hotel yeti is happy to welcome you

Welcome to Hotel Yeti, one of the oldest and well-known hotel in Manang. Named from a creature inhabitant of the Himalayan region of Nepal. The names Yeti is commonly used by the people indigenous to the region and is part of their history and mythology. Stories of the Yeti first emerged as a facet of Western popular culture in the 19th century. Hotel Yeti offers the ancient and well-known hospitality of the Manang district, throughout the total concept of the hotel. It is conveniently located at Manang Village, which is the main tourist attraction center of Manang. It is situated approximately 80 km from the nearest bus stop. The hotel is an ideal destination for travellers who want to experience the hub of Manang.

Special features

  • Good Delicious Food with Fresh Bakery
  • Roof Top Restaurant with Heater
  • Broadband Internet and Telephone Service
  • Comfortable Delux Rooms and Normal Rooms with mountain view
  • Yeti Marts for Shopping
  • Restautant with spacious Dining Hall
  • Hot Shower (Soloar)
  • Nice view of Glaciers from the Hotel
  • Friendly Staffs with best Hospitality
  • Porter, Guide & Horse Service
  • Internationally Recommended
  • We accept Visa and Master Card